Smart Grinder makes other grafts obsolete

The Smart Dentin Grinder turns extracted teeth into the highest quality and most cost-effective autogenous graft. read more...

MIMI®-Flapless - Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation

The periosteum-preserving Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation (MIMI®-Flapless), which is the method we prefer to apply, is not in contradiction with the conventional implantation method, but it compensates it.

Zipprich Study at the J. W. Goethe University Frankfurt a.M., Germany

During the 2nd Champions-VIP conference in May 2012, engineer Holger Zipprich ("J.W. Goethe Universität Frankfurt a.M.") presented the results of his study on the Champions (R)Evolution implants with diameters of 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, and 4.5 mm: "Micro-Movements of Implant-Abutment-Interface".